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Evelyn Li
Phone: +86 15989991841
Email: evelyn@cntaisan.com
Skype: Evelyn1123008

First of all thank you for your trust and support in foshan tai shang machinery CO.,Ltd, in order to let you get better after-sales service, safeguard the rights and interests of you at the same time, we make the following commitment:

1.Telephone consulting

To you for the use of the equipment, abnormal phenomenon, such as special needs you have any questions, please call our hotline below calls:

Equipment customization demand and other pre-sale consultation:0086-0757-87263306

FAX:0086-0757-87263300 E-MAIL:evelyn1123008@hotmail.com

The fastest response time, is our basic commitment to the customer!

2.Product warranty

Taishang users enjoy not less than 3 packets of regulations of the state on the repair period: the repair period, provide free service for users;The repair period, in accordance with the unified on Thai standards provide paid services for users. a lifetime warranty on mechanical products;

3, warranty definitions:

The meaning of warranty means ensuring maintenance in the warranty period, namely the user bought Taishang products, Taishang after-sales guarantee to the product for repair.

4. The repair documents

In 3 packets of regulations within the warranty period of product failure, the user shall purchase invoice and product warranty, the warranty certificate is dealt with and need to repair the product number and product number on the warranty certificate must be consistent, if no invoice, warranty certificate book the warranty according to product number, such as devoid of both the user do not enjoy free services, but the commitment to provide paid services for users, according to the unity on the Thai charge standard to the cost of overhaul and accessories fees charged by the user.

5, repair, replacement, and the responsibility that return money sets:

5.1, products from the date of sold within 15 days (in the invoice date) structural failure, consumers can choose a replacement or repair;

5.2, the product from the date of sold (invoice date) in 30 days a serious fault, performance consumers can choose a replacement or repair;

5.4, in the repair period, meet the requirements for the replacement, and we are not same for the same specification product, consumers are reluctant to change the other model, product specifications and ask to return money, we give a refund;

5.5, in the repair period, meet the requirements for the replacement, and we have the same model and specifications of products, and consumers want to return, we give a refund, at this time in accordance with the provisions, the standard charging consumers depreciation;

5.6, exchange after the warranty is valid from the date of the exchange to calculate:

5.7, refund, a replacement of the product appearance must be in good condition, the attachment must complete, otherwise not be processed.

6, unavailable and restrictions:

Belong to one of the following circumstances, not free to go back and change and free "3 packets" :

1) consumers damaged due to improper use, maintenance, custody;

2) To open or repair the damaged;

3) No 3 packets of prooves and effective invoice;

4) 3 packets of prooves models do not tally with the marque or altered;

5) The damage caused by force majeure;

The above situation, commitment to provide paid services


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