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UV coating on the application of the furniture industry

UV coating is the abbreviation of UltravioletCuringPaint, namely the light trigger coating, also called uv-curable paint. And PU, PE, NC coating to becoming the membrane material naming different, UV coating is named after the curing of coating way. Since early 2002, in the whole nation furniture enterprise centralized area, use UV coating manufacturers more and more.

Long-term use of furniture industry of the coating is mainly PU, PE, NC coatings etc, through the spraying construction, low efficiency and high cost, not only the pollution of the environment, and influence the health of construction personnel. Instead, UV coating has a green environmental protection, low cost, easy operation, high efficiency mechanization many advantages, more and more people's attention from, is called "the 21 st century green industry of new technology". In the past two years the UV coating factory is more and more, this will also is the future trend of development.

Furniture factory in the introduction of UV line, can't drift, according to their specific circumstances, decided to input and return. There are a lot of manufacturers buy UV line, eager to hope for success, because the technology isn't skilled, personnel to control the machine poor ability factors, can not very well play a role, feel the UV coating is not, as legend of the university is low, but the complex, and then on the shelf, untouched, and back to traditional coating way.

For some small and medium-sized manufacturers will tell, did not have necessary spending millions of purchase article whole easily import UV line. Because there is no certain amount of support, the machine of energy consumption and depreciation costs quite high, the loss outweights the gain. The best way is to introduce a Taiwan equipment and training workers, to grasp equipment, proficient process. The first stage use UV primer instead of PU primer do furniture to the inside of the panel and lateral plate; The second stage with UV coating in the side panel plate do primer and face paint and are panel primer; The third stage for enterprise development to a certain scale, with ample order can then considered introducing the whole import UV line to replace the PU, PE paint.

In the next few years, the perfect combination of coating way is through a complete UV line to realize, inside the panels, lateral plate coating UV coating, coating is panel UV primer, curtain coating or coating PU surfaces. Not only can dramatically improve the production efficiency, and can achieve good effect. Some of the size of the manufacturer as early as a few years ago began to use this coating way, and has played a huge role.

Furniture factory made contact with UV coating, use UV coating, to keep up with the trend of development, make the products more competitive, in the market competition.

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